We believe each dream deserves a chance

Our Story

At different points in our lives and for a myriad of reasons, we set priorities. Some priorities are pretty minor, others can be life changing, forcing you to think beyond today and to invest your resources wisely while maintaining focus and balance.  

Our parents prioritized education. They understood that education requires some amount of sacrifice, as does anything of importance. They also clearly understood that education is an investment in our children, providing them a foundation on which to succeed in the future, to open doors to opportunities that wouldn’t be available to them without an education.  

Those beliefs instilled in us by our parents were the catalyst for FATE Foundation. We formed FATE Foundation to honor our parents . . . their conviction that education offers a real path out of poverty . . . their sacrifices that allowed us to attend college and create a brighter future. By giving back to our community and especially our community’s children, FATE Foundation celebrates and honors our parents and their principles.