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Cops & Kids

Can you imagine being a child and waking up on Christmas morning, only to find Santa Clause missed coming to your house overnight? Now imagine you’re the parent of that child who – no matter how many jobs you work or how hard you struggle – is simply unable to afford to buy Christmas gifts for their children and still pay the rent and buy groceries.  

Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life for many families in Western North Carolina. It’s also sadly true that families in turmoil often reach a low point around the holidays and Social Services has to step in and remove the children from the home. While children are placed with foster families as soon as possible, it’s not unusual for the placement to happen at the last minute, meaning there’s no time to shop for a new child.  

Cops and Kids is an annual program where local law enforcement agencies come together for a big shopping day at the Waynesville Walmart with dozens of kids and teens in Haywood County who are less fortunate, with a goal of making sure every child has a winter coat, boots, hats, etc. during the Christmas season. 


Since 2017, FATE Foundation has teamed with Cops and Kids and Walmart to make sure children not only get the winter clothes they need but to also make sure they receive a toy from Santa.    

In 2020, FATE Foundation founders shopped for and donated over $3,000 worth of toys to Cops and Kids, helping ensure no child would be “missed” by Santa on Christmas morning.