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Scholar Awards

FATE Scholars

In 2013 Anna and I created the FATE (Future Achievement Through Education) Scholar Award exclusively for Madison County High School Seniors who want to continue their education. We presented our first scholarship for $500 to a single recipient in May 2014. Since that time we have continued to grow in the amount and quantity of Scholar Awards and have expanded to include students from the Madison Early College. Through time and with your generosity, our hope is to increase the size of the Scholar Awards in order to provide more assistance to Madison County students.

The FATE Foundation is creating an opportunity for the talented youth of Madison County to fulfill their dreams and goals, investing in their education today as well as expanding their options for success tomorrow. The FATE Scholar Award is not need based – and, while it does take in other considerations – the primary focus is on student participation in school, leadership and community service. We offer scholar awards to students who are performing well academically AND who demonstrate character and leadership in their life. We give scholar awards in which the following criteria, and other factors will be considered:

Creativity, acts of kindness, and volunteerism


Academic performance

Heart for learning

Activities and interests

Over the past nine years - with the help of our generous donors - we have grown the FATE Scholar Award from a single $500 award to multiple, large awards. This success has provided us with the opportunity to move on to our next phase - the FATEful 20!

FATEful 20

I just wanted to take a moment to explain more about the FATEful 20.  We are looking for 20 or more individuals and/or organizations that are willing to commit to providing a gift of $500 each year, or just $42 per month.  That's less than a nice dinner for two once a month!  With these gifts, we will provide a $2500 renewable scholarship to one student in order to help a student in not only their first year but to also help in their second, third and fourth 
years.  We will continue to provide our yearly Scholar Awards - this year totaling $7500 - along with the FATEful 20 award.  In 2019, we awarded our first ever FATEful 20 award!  This new award is for $2500 - renewable for an additional 3 consecutive years for a total value of $10,000!  We do not have the full 20 yet but are confident, with your help, we will achieve this goal by next year's awards.  In order to meet this goal, additional donors like you are needed.

Your potential gift will certainly help make a huge difference in the lives of the students we will help in the future. Tyler, one of two winners in 2017, approached us during the past May's Award Ceremony at the High School.  Not only did he offer a huge thank you for everyone's help, but he also shared with us his successes in his first year at NC State.  While carrying a heavy class load, he continued his leadership in forestry projects and other extra-curricular activities, and equally important, did so with great success!  Every day, your potential support makes stories like Tyler's possible.

Each year we introduce the FATE Scholar Award winners to our donors. You’ll get to know them better, as we provide each donor with a copy of the winner’s personal statements and their essays giving you an insight into who they are.

FATE Foundation is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRC.
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