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Ovens for the Elderly

Having a way to cook a meal is a basic necessity.  But, what if you don’t have a working stove and oven?  How do you cook even a simple meal when your stove no longer works and you have no extra dollars to spend on unexpected expenses like repairing or replacing it?  Unfortunately, many seniors in our communities face this dilemma every day.

In August 2019, FATE Foundation launched “Ovens for the Elderly.” The program is funded through grants and donations and focuses on helping older Spring Creek community residents by repairing or replacing their damaged stoves and ovens.  Through their work at the Spring Creek Community Food Bank, FATE’s Founding Directors discovered there is an often invisible problem in their aging community – seniors who lack the ability to cook even a basic meal because their stove or oven no longer works.  These proud people mostly live on fixed incomes.  They simply won’t share with anyone that they need help and, consequently, could go weeks, even months, without being able to cook a meal at home.  

"The process begins by identifying those who need help.  We determine if the appliance can be repaired and if it makes sense to even fix it. If it can and does, then we and, – if needed – our small team of volunteers work to repair the oven as quickly as possible. If repairing it doesn’t make sense, we start the process of locating a replacement. Once we have a replacement, we install it and, as part of the process, remove the old appliance as well."   

“Ovens for the Elderly” is currently focused on the Spring Creek Community where FATE Foundation is based.  To learn more or to find out if you qualify, contact FATE Foundation.

Jim McLean delivers Linda Norton's new stove